Clear a Brother Belt Unit: Do you want to know how to clean a clogged toner cartridge inside your machine?If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn how to clean the paper tray, belt unit, drum unit, and cleaning machine.

Step 1 First and foremost, turn off your machine’s power switch.

Step 2: You must now disconnect the phone line. Detach all wires if possible, and then disconnect the power line from the power source.

Step 3: To open the front cover, press the button.

Step 4: Hold the drum unit’s green candle, luft the drum, and then take it out.

Step 5: Depress the lever on the machine’s left side. Using the green handles on your unit, raise the front half of your drum unit and remove it entirely out of your machine.

Step 6: Remove the toner cartridge from your drum unit by holding the handle. Then, repeat this process for all of the toner cartridges.

Step 7: Using a dry lint-free cloth, clean the loose toner from the drum unit’s top, bottom, and side surfaces.

Step 8: Next, look for the belt unit inside the machine where the drum unit is generally installed Brother Printer. Hold the green sections of the belt securely in your hands. Pull the belt out of your machine by lifting it up.

Step 9: Using a soft and dry lint-free cloth, clean up any spilt or excess toner.

Step 10: To clean the entire belt, use the gear to spin it with the cutouts and grooves on the back right-hand side. Furthermore, if toner has been spilled on the belt unit, it must be cleaned.

Step 11: After cleaning the belt unit, use a dry soft lint-free cloth to wipe the inside of the machine, paying special attention to any locations where toner has been spilt.

Step 12: Clean the rollers on the front cover with a cleaning cloth after rotating them. Push the rollers with your fingers.

Step 13: Replace the belt unit by sliding it until it stops. Then, make the two green arrows by pressing the green handle.

Step 14: After that, insert the toner cartridges into the drum unit. Hold the handle of each toner cartridge and slide it into the drum unit. Please confirm that the toner cartridge color matches the label on the drum unit. Following that, you must grip the toner cartridge handle. Repeat for the remaining toner cartridges.

Step 15: Replace the drum unit in the machine.

Step 16: Push the drum unit until it comes to a halt, then close the front cover.

Step 17: Remove the machine’s paper tray.

Step 18: Remove the paper from the tray. Examine the pan to ensure there is no spilt or excess toner on the paper tray. If toner is spilled, wipe it up with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Step 19: After cleaning the paper tray, install the ream of paper. Reinstall the tray in your machine and ensure it is in its original position.

Step 20: Reconnect all of the wires and phone lines. After that, connect the power cord to an AC outlet and turn on your machine’s power switch.

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