Epitome of spyware

How can we remove the Epitome of spyware by activating Windows Defender?

The immense rise and development in Information Technology (IT) industry has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Companies and industries have benefited magnanimously from its development. The computer device has been utilized optimally for data storage. This data can be accessed on any day and at any time. On the negative side, in the last few years, a massive attack of spyware has also been observed. Therefore, every user should be able to distinguish the epitome of spyware and the methods to disable it. This negative attribute helps hackers in stealing a wide range of important and crucial information. This sensitive and confidential information can be easily transferred to others and can ruin any business or individual.

Understanding the Epitome of spyware

This software has the capability of downloading different types of threats in your system and automatically installing them on your device. Therefore, every user is highly advised to disable it in their system as they get any type of notification. Do refer to HP Support Assistant for any type of remedial solution.  

Resolving the spyware occurrence and resolving this problem successfully

For HP users’ interest, the HP support assistant uses Windows Defender in the windows 8 operating system. The main objective of the Windows Defender is to safeguard your device from spyware and malware products. It comprises the two modes to provide complete prevention from spyware and malware products.

Providing Real-time protection

It notifies the users with a short message that the spyware has been installed on your system. They can get the message in their HP printer while its default setting has been changed.

Scanning options

You also get the scanning options where you have the privilege to know whether your system has been infected by spyware or not.

Essential Guidelines for enabling Windows Defender in the Windows 8 operating system

  1. Firstly, you are supposed to go to the start menu and then type Windows Defender in the search box.
  2. Now, you should select Windows Defender.
  3. Subsequently, as you click it, the Windows Software opens
  4. At the top of Windows, the protected message will display that Windows Defender is enabled and in real-time protection.
  5. If the real-time message is off then you should turn it on
  6. After successfully enabling Windows Defender, you can easily scan spyware products.
  7. Thereafter, you can go on a quick scan of your computer and then scan it properly.
  8. Finally, you should remove the spyware and other related worm-related threats.


We have provided you with sufficient information about the Epitome of spyware issues and the methods to remove it. If you still find problems in removing this technical error then you should consult our technical support team.

How to Reach Our On-Call Support Team

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