Epson Ink Cartridge issue

How to fix the Reset Epson Ink Cartridge issue?

Epson ink cartridges work smoothly but falter while printing multi-colour text. This problem is encountered by many users who are unaware of the reason behind this issue. It is observed that the cartridge still has ink but they don’t get anything but just black text. If you have no knowledge about Reset Epson Ink Cartridge then you will be buying another ink cartridge. The major problem basically lies in the memory chip of your Epson ink cartridge. The issue with it signals the printer about the empty cartridge and so your printer refuses to print. In case, if your Epson ink cartridge unceasingly signals about the emptiness of the ink cartridge, you will find the need of resetting the ink cartridge.

 What is the need to Reset the Ink Cartridge?

A refilled ink cartridge implies refilling a compatible, original cartridge manually with the ink. Thereafter, you should install this refilled ink cartridge on your Epson printer. Nonetheless, at this stage, the tiny chip placed at the back of your Epson printer still thinks that there is no ink, and the printer does not want to print. Therefore, the most logical solution is to Reset Epson Ink Cartridge manually. It will make your Epson printer think that there is still ink in the cartridge, required for the printing tasks. As per the guidelines in the user guide, the low ink alert system in your purchased Epson printing product has the ability to produce wrong messages if you do not refill the ink tanks.  

How can we Reset an Epson Printer Ink Cartridge successfully?

There are two basic ways to reset ink cartridge Epson. It can be performed in the following ways:

  • Using the cartridge reset tool (Cartridge chip resetter)
  • Using the SSC service utility for Stylus printers
  • Swapping cartridge chips
  • Unplugging Epson printer

1.  Reset an Epson Ink Cartridge through the Cartridge Reset Tool

Cartridge Reset Tool is basically a small plastic tool with pins. Every Epson printer user is supposed to press the pins on the resetter ON to those from the cartridge. The users are advised to use only one cartridge chip resetter with a specific printer model. In case, if you are using the same resetter on different Epson printer models then you will be damaging your device.

You are advised to follow these steps for carrying out Reset Epson Ink Cartridge

  • Firstly, you are supposed to take away the ink cartridge from the printing machine. 
  • Now, you should align the print cartridge with the base marks on the resetter tool. 
  • Next, you should press the reset tool pins for 10 to 15 seconds on the cartridge’s chip contacts. 
  • Thereafter, you will be observing a blinking red light when the device and the cartridge come in hard contact. 
  • Whenever, you are observing a blinking green LED light, the reset process will be completed. In case, if you don’t see it, then you should keep pressing the tool until the light comes. 

2. Resetting Epson Ink Cartridge with SSC Service Utility

SSC service utility is basically a freeware solution that can be used with the chip present in Stylus printer cartridges of Epson. This software effectively supports more than 100 printer models but fails to work with newer cartridges. By using it effectively, you can replace the cartridge in real-time and can easily reset Epson chips and the internal ink counters. 

In addition, it also helps you in resetting the protection counter and hot-swap printer cartridges of the models it supports. The SSC Service utility allows users in carrying out separate cleaning of blackheads and colour for Epson Inkjet printers.

3. Resetting the Cartridge by Swapping Cartridge Chips

If the two above-mentioned solutions fail to resolve this issue then you should follow this solution. For swapping cartridge chips, you need a pair of full cartridges and a pair of empty cartridges. Now, you are supposed to refill the empty cartridges and then remove the chips from the full cartridges. Thereafter, you should place these chips into the refilled cartridges.

Unplug Epson Printer

It’s a conventional way to Reset Epson Ink Cartridge as it also fixes many types of cartridge issues. You should follow the below-mentioned points to unplug your Epson printer model.

  • First of all, you should unplug your Epson printer
  • Next, through your computer, you should process a print task before you switch on your printer.
  • Thereafter, you should plug in the Epson printer model
  • Finally, these steps will be overriding the cartridge set configuration and printing of the document.

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