Epson, a renowned Japanese company and a trusted brand name in the business field of printers, has been producing a wide range of laser and inkjet printers. Epson printers are multifaceted as well as multidimensional in use, both for personal and professional use, and come with instruction manuals and online support. For clearing a paper jam, clearing a queue, or any other troubleshooting issue, the reset Epson printer feature has been a common solution. Every Epson printer does not have a reset button, but all of them have a process to reset Epson printer.

Let us now discuss a few interesting and important facts and issues relating to reset Epson Printer.

Epson Printer Offline issues

The problem of Epson Printer offline issues is faced by many users. While facing this problem, your Epson printer shows its status offline on your computer desktop. This is a common problem in every brand of printer worldwide. The offline issues occur due to main reasons but the main problem is improper windows configuration or any type of bug issue. If you have reset Epson printer issues then you should try to contact Epson technical support team.

Need for a reset Epson Printer 

Before making a final decision to reset Epson Printer, it’s better to check for other possible solutions. It is because a reset will not clear a paper jam as it is a physical problem. For resolving the paper jam problem, you have to access the paper tray and physically remove the jammed page. After removing it, you should select Resume the job, and your Epson Printer will start printing properly. The new range of advanced Epson printers comes with excellent sensors that easily detect the paper jam. So, the problems like paper do not justify a full reset Epson printer process. Likewise speaking, common issues like printer slowdown is because the printer software is overloaded with your jobs. If you prefer to print the document multiple times then it can build up a backlog of jobs, and this can be the main cause of delay in printing jobs. For resolving this issue, you should view the task pane on the Epson printer and delete the unnecessary jobs. Thereafter, you are supposed to Resume to continue working through your backlog. In case, if this process fails, then you should clear the entire log and then run through the next power cycle before executing an actual reset Epson printer process.

Running a Power Cycle

Running a Power cycle is technically not a reset Epson printer option but the process is easy and quick. By simply creating a fresh slate for the printer, this process can repair various types of problems. At times, the power cycle can also clear the processing jobs, and in other cases, it will reload those printing jobs. You are supposed to pull the power cord on the printer to turn it off and then wait for a few minutes. During this waiting time, you should run a restart on the primary computer which is linked to the printer. Now, you should plug everything back into power and then check to see whether your problem is resolved or not.

Epson Printer IP Address

In case, your Epson printer is not receiving printing jobs from your computer then there might be a communication error between two points of contact. Do we need to reset Epson printer in this issue? No, you are supposed to check the wireless setting or the Ethernet connection to make sure a clear line of communication is open. If your hard-line or wireless connection is down then the process of reset Epson printer will not help. The resetting of IP addresses will be a common fix for all types of communication errors. There is a possibility that IP might shift and devices that are connected to the printer will no longer communicate efficiently. You should locate the back of the printer where the Ethernet ports and power cable are located. You will also find a pinhole which is located in this region to reset the connection. This process will help you in restoring the factory IP address. You can use the paperclip to press the button and then hold it for several seconds. It will trigger the reset required for the IP address. In case, if your Epson printer does not have this option then you are required to reset the IP address from the computer by accessing the printer settings.

Download New Epson printer driver

If you are consistently facing printing errors in your Epson printer then you should download a new set of Epson printer drivers, directly from the Epson support page and then install them on your computer. The software used to create should also be updated. You should ensure not to print documents that show any error or out-of-memory messages on the screen. It will help in preventing printer errors. 

To Reset the Epson Printer driver issue

It can be described as the most technical Epson printer error, faced by several users. There can be various reasons for this error but the main reason is device compatibility. It implies that the desktop connected to your printer is not appropriately updated. If you have a new model of Epson printer and your desktop is of an older version then its processing system will be very outdated. In this case, you are advised to update or change your device otherwise your Epson printer will not work. After updating your device, if you are still facingissues related tothe Epson printer driver then you have not executed the driver installation process properly.

To reset Epson Printer Driver, do follow these steps: –

  1. Firstly, you are supposed to visit the official Epson printer driver website
  2. Now, you should find your printer driver and software on the official website
  3. After finding out your printer driver and software, you should click on the download option and then download the file. It will resolve your paper driver error problem completely.
  4. Subsequently, the file will be downloaded and will get automatically installed on your device
  5. Finally, you should restart your desktop and your problem will be resolved completely.
  6. To conclude, these steps will help you to reset the Epson Printer driver, and for further information, do contact Epson Printer Support Team.

We strongly hope and wish that all Epson printer users will use this set of information and knowledge to resolve problems and issues relating to resetting their Epson Printer. If you have any other specific queries related to reset Epson Printer or Epson Printer driver, then do contact Epson technical support team, by visiting their official website.   

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