HP Eprint Not Working error?

How can we remove the HP Eprint Not Working error?

The advent of HP ePrint has completely transformed the mode of printing documents, with a more advanced user-friendly design. With just a touch of a button, you can easily print your photos, documents, and more, from any location, with internet access. The print jobs can be sent through email by using your HP printer email address. If it fails to print then you should check the internet connection for the device and the printing requisites.

Effective Methods for Troubleshooting the HP Eprint Not Working Issue

In the below-mentioned methods, we are providing you with effective steps for troubleshooting the HP Eprint Not Working Issue.

Method 1- Checking your HP Printer Status

You are supposed to follow the below-mentioned lines to check the status of your HP printer.

  1. To begin with, you should turn on your HP printer and then connect it with the web
  2. For clearing any existence, you should turn it Off and then turn it ON back
  3. Now, you should take a print test, and if the connection error gets displayed on the screen or the HP printer device is not found, then there is an issue with the network connection
  4. Next, you should check whether the web services in your HP printer are enabled
  5. In your HP printer, there is an LCD display, you should touch on the Eprint icon.
  6. Thereafter, you should go to the menu Web Services under the Wireless Settings or Network Setup.
  7. Now, you are advised to follow the instructions that are displayed in the Web Services status
  8. Next, you should open the browser, and in its address bar, type the printer IP address, and then press Enter.
  9. In case, a website security certificate is displayed in the browser, then you should click on Continue
  10. Subsequently, the Embedded Web Server information page will be opened
  11. Next, you should click on the Web Services
  12. For enabling the web service, you should follow the instructions displayed on the screen, and then send a document or an Eprint job
  13. If this technical issue persists then you should move on to the next method

Method 2- Resolving the Network Connection For your HP Printer

Now, you should follow the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. Firstly, you should overwhelm the common HP printer problems that are stopping the device from connecting to the local network
  2. Now, you should ensure that the wireless signal of your HP printer is turned ON, and it is connected to the same network as your computer
  3. Next, you should move your HP printer and computer to the Wi-Fi router
  4. You are advised to check in the router’s user manual, or contact the network administrator
  5. Next, you are supposed to check the router’s band settings
  6. Thereafter, you should ensure that the 2.4 GHz router band is turned -ON and broadcasting
  7. There might be a possibility that the Firewall is preventing your HP wireless printer from accessing the printer.
  8. You are supposed to set up or change the firewall’s setting to make it allow wireless printing
  9. Finally, your HP printer can also bypass the automatic IP address assigned by DHCP. Or else, you should use a valid IP address for accessing the local network


In this blog, we have given the required information about the operative methods for troubleshooting the HP Eprint Not Working Issue. If you are still facing any kind of HP eprint job failure then you can call our technical support team.

How to Reach Our On-Call Support Team

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