A Detailed Information about HP Fax Error Code 346

Generally speaking, HP Fax Error Code 346 is encountered when HP users are trying to fax their files or documents. It’s an annoying experience as users are not able to send or receive a fax. There are technical reasons behind it but it can be resolved by following a few effective methods. This issue can occur due to location issues, network connectivity issues, improper power supply sources, and more traffic lines between the phone lines. There are effective troubleshooting methods to fix the HP Fax Error Code 346 effectively. The first guideline is to wait for a few minutes or hours and then sent the fax again. The other method is to temporarily disable ECM. It is because high-quality resolution images cannot be faxed to the receiver side and it results in this error. This method will degrade the image quality and the issue will be resolved. The next method is to fax the documents at a lower speed of transmission. It will improve the quality of transmission and consume lesser time than previous attempts. The other effective method is to divide high-storage documents into smaller parts. You can also remove your HP printer to another suitable location that has a better network. One of the most reliable methods to resolve this HP Fax Error Code 346 is to restart or reboot your HP printer device. You can also resend the documents if the sending of the documents fails at one time. If you still face any problems related to this issue then you can contact our technical support team. 

A Detailed Information about HP Fax Error Code 346

Commonly speaking, HP Fax Error Code 346 occurs when users are trying to fax the files or documents. Every time, a user experiences HP Fax Error Code 346, they are unable to send or receive a fax. Nevertheless, once this error appears in your device, it becomes easier to overcome it. If you have technical mindset then you can understand this problem and can fix it. But, if you are non-technical person, it won’t be too difficult for you to fix this problem. We have given basic information about the HP Fax Error Code 346 and effective guidelines to resolve it.

Exact Reasons Behind the issue of HP Fax Error Code 346

The major reasons behind the issues of HP Fax Error Code 346 are below-mentioned: –

  • From time to time, this problem occurs due to location issues. This type of trouble appears when you are sending a fax to a person who is having a network problem. So, you are not able to fax to that specific user.
  • Occasionally, by mistake, the STOP button gets clicked but your fax is sent and you face this issue.
  • Any type of network connectivity issue.
  • Your device is not connected to an appropriate power supply source.
  • This error can occur due to more line traffic in between the phone lines.

The abovementioned causes can trigger the issue of HP Fax Error Code 346. It results in the failure of fax sending and receiving. Therefore, you should be well informed and aware of its main reasons by which this error occurs unexpectedly and its precautions to remove this error.

Helpful Guidelines to Fix HP Fax Error Code 346

We can observe that the fax transmission fails because it gets call rejection from the receiver side. So, its very important to let the person whom you are faxing to inform that you are sending him the documents. By doing this, they will be accepting your request and also easily receive the fax documents by you. After getting proper information from the receiver side, you can fax your documents easily. There are some useful steps that will help you in fixing the HP Fax Error Code 346 more efficiently.

We are discussing useful troubleshooting methods to fix HP Fax Error Code 346 in the below-mentioned guidelines.

Guideline 1: Wait for few minutes or hours and then sent the fax again

After waiting for a couple of hours or minutes, you can effortlessly overcome this problematic issue by sending the fax to the receiver. Once you wait for couple of hours or minutes, the traffic of the telephone line will get totally cleared. It will help you in sending the information without any interruption. In case, if the condition of your telephone line is not getting better, then its advisable to call helpline number in getting their help immediately.

Guidelines 2: Temporary Disable ECM

Sometimes, high-quality resolution images cannot be faxed to the receiver side and it results in HP Fax Error Code 346. Accordingly, in these types of conditions, it’s important to disable ECM for a while and it will degrade the image quality and then you can easily send it to the receiver end.

Guideline 3: Faxing the documents at The Lower Speed of Transmission

For any user, it’s impossible to send documents to the receiver at the lower resolution. Nevertheless, you can easily send it at the lower speed of transmission of information. Thus, it will substantially improve the quality of transmission and also consume less time than previous attempts.

Now, you are supposed to follow the below-mentioned steps for lowering down Fax speed on your HP device: –

  • Firstly, you should go to the main screen and then click the “Right Arrow” mark.
  • Now, you should select the menu titled “Setup”
  • Next, you should pick the option “Sax Submenu”
  • Thereafter, you should scroll the menu list to select “Advanced Fax Setup”
  • Finally, in the Advanced Fax Setup section, you should scroll down one again to select Fax Speed, and set up the speed of fax. It should be low like 9600.

Guideline 4: Divide High Storage Documents into smaller parts

If you are facing the problem of sending the documents due to its large size, then you are supposed to divide the documents into the smaller parts and then send them to the receiver one by one at a different time.

Guideline 5: Remove Printer to Another Appropriate Location

While faxing, if you are facing the issue of HP Fax Error Code 346, then this can happen due to the current location of the printer. It is because your present location of the printer is having a poor network. Therefore, you should replace the printer to another appropriate location and then check whether your error is resolved or not.

Guideline 6: Restarting Your HP Printer Device

In case, if all the above-mentioned methods fail to work, then you should reboot or restart the HP Printer and then start faxing document to check whether the issue of HP Fax Error Code 346 is resolved or not.

Guideline 7: Resending the Document             

If the sending of documents fails at one time then you should try one more time and then check for HP Fax Error Code 346.

Dialling Helpline Number for Door-step Solution of The HP Fax Error 346

In this blog post, we have accumulated and detailed out sufficient information related to the HP Fax Error Code 346. The above-mentioned troubleshooting methods are easy-to-use and time-saving. If you are unable to resolve this issue then you are highly advised to contact our technical experts instantly. Our technical support team will help and guide you in resolving this issue permanently.

How to Reach Our On-Call Support Team

Getting the help, you need is just a phone call away:

Call our Support Hotline: Dial +1 832-546-0604 to connect with one of our friendly support agents.

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