How to resolve the HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable issue?

Logical Solutions to combat HP Laptop Ethernet Cable issues

HP Laptops have always been the ultimate choice of every user worldwide. It is because it comes from a big international brand name company (HP) and is embellished with the latest and advanced, well-designed for both personal and professional use. Despite the fact it gets tough competition from its arch-rival brand companies, it stands out to be the finest in its league.

Sometimes, HP laptop users face issues like HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable, which hinders their consistency, proficiency, and, productivity. In these types of cases, your HP laptops effortlessly connect with the Wi-Fi but not with the ethernet cable. Fortunately speaking, there are effective ways to troubleshoot this issue on your own. While facing this issue, users should not panic as they can easily fix it with the proper understanding of the reasons behind it. If users want any type of expert guidance to fix the issue then they can always choose to connect with HP support to get an instant solution to any kind of HP problems they encounter with their laptops, software, hardware, etc. Now, it’s time to understand the origin of this problem so that we could fix it permanently.

Major Reasons Behind- HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable Issue

The ethernet cable connection helps in connecting HP laptops with the Wi-Fi network for fast internet speed. The major reasons behind the issue of HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable are hardware defects, faulty cable, and driver problems. It’s very important that users should properly understand the main reason behind this issue. So, let’s start with list of possible causes of understanding this network issue as we connect ethernet cable with our HP laptops.

 Laptop connected with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Sometimes, users prefer to connect their HP laptop with Wi-Fi as well as the ethernet cable to get continuous internet connectivity. It causes issues like HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable. The users should note that connecting with both sources cannot assure them of an enhanced speed or a continuous network.

Fault with the Router 

If you have a faulty or defective router or IP address then it can create issues with the connectivity.

 Outdated Ethernet driver

In present times, systems, as well as laptops, comes with pre-installed ethernet drivers that guarantee a smooth internet connection. Nevertheless, they should be updated or they can disable the network pork and then can block further internet access. Therefore, the presence of outdated ethernet drivers can be the major reason behind the issue of HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable.

Defective cable

In many cases, it has been found that defective or faulty cable causes connectivity issues. It is because many users confuse between ethernet wire and crosswire and then use it for connectivity. This unintended mistake can lead to poor connections.

Updation in Windows 10

In a few cases, whenever users tend to update to a new operating system, it causes the issue of HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable in Windows 10.

Defective Ethernet port

Whenever there is any type of defect or fault with the hardware of your HP laptops or when the ports are not working properly due to certain damage, the issue of HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable arises.

 Inappropriate Firewall settings

The firewall settings are also responsible for restricting proper functioning. It is also one of the main reasons behind the issue of HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable for security reasons.

If you fail to identify the root cause of your problem then you have to fix it on your own. Or else, it is highly recommended that users should get connected with HP Support for quick assistance and a professionally advised solution.

Appropriate Solution for Fix HP Laptop Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable Issue

  1. Firstly, users are supposed to check the network status and the cabling
  2. Now, they should verify that their modem and router are working properly
  3. Next, you should check the networking issue in your device
  4. Finally, you should reinstall the driver for the Ethernet

After properly identifying the main cause behind this issue in your HP laptop, you can directly move to the below-mentioned solution. Nevertheless, if you fail to find the root cause, then you are advised to follow the methods to fix the HP laptop not recognizing the ethernet cable given below.

Properly Checking the network status and the cabling 

The users should ensure to check the light-emitting diodes, which are located next to ethernet cabling plugs. It will be confirming the availability of the network on your HP laptop. If the light is unstable then you are supposed to call your service provider or check the proper connectivity with the device to troubleshoot this issue.

 To verify the proper working of modem and router

There can be a big chance that the defect lies with your modem and router and not with your HP laptop. You are highly advised to connect with the HP support team or a technical support executive to help you troubleshoot the issue with the devices. 

 Properly Checking the network status of your device

To properly check the network status of your device,you should follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, you should go to the ‘Start’ button
  • Now, you should select the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ and then click on the ‘manage network connections’ network. 
  • Finally, you should right-click on the ‘Local Area Connection’ option and then enable the option on your HP laptop.

Reinstalling the Ethernet driver or updating the driver

The drivers which are present in your system demand a proper update for the proper functioning of the devices. In case, if ethernet driver in your system is not updated for a long period of time, then you are advised to update it. You are supposed to change the settings in your system to update it automatically whenever an update is desired. It will permanently fix the issue of the HP laptop not recognizing the ethernet cable.

 Contact us, if the above-mentioned information doesn’t work

After trying the abovementioned solutions, if you are unable to fix the issue then you must connect immediately with the HP Support team. The proficiently trained tech team is available 24X7 to serve you with all your queries and issues related to HP laptops. We guarantee to provide you with the best and optimum solutions from our tech experts.

How to Reach Our On-Call Support Team

Getting the help, you need is just a phone call away:

Call our Support Hotline: Dial +1 832-546-0604 to connect with one of our friendly support agents.

Email Support: If you prefer to communicate via email, you can reach us at

Live Chat: Visit our website and use our live chat feature to chat with a support representative in real-time.

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