Decoding and Rectifying HP Printer Error Codes

Decoding and Rectifying HP Printer Error Codes

Globally speaking, HP Printers are extensively used for printing, scanning or faxing the documents. Besides producing high-end printing machine which are also cost-effective, HP printers are susceptible to many types of errors and malfunctioning. There can be various factors that are responsible for non-functioning of HP printers. In this blog post, we will be comprehensively discussing different types of HP Printer Error Codes which occurs frequently during the print job and annoys the user. So, if your HP has unpredictably stopped for any reason, then we will be discussing the perfect solution for it.

The Full HP Printer Error Code List with Perfect Solutions

HP Printer Error Code 49: 

Generally speaking, HP Printer Error Code 49 occurs because there is communication failure between the computer and printer device. This type of error will trap your printer in a loop and hence will ask you to turn it off and then on back. We are providing you with Step-by-step troubleshooting guides for HP Printer Error Code 49 in below-mentioned steps:

  1. 1.   There might be any type of messing up in your HP printer queue due to which you are receiving this error code. To eradicate this error, you are advised to clear the print queue.
  2. Now, you should perform a cold reset to restore all factory settings
  3. Next, you should install the latest HP printer driver.

HP Smart Test Error Code 303: 

Many HP printer users faces this horrible problem because there are issues with hard driver. Therefore, you are highly advised to check your hard drive and if you find any fault with the platter, then your hard drive may be defective, dead or damaged. Hence, you are advised to replace that hard drive as soon as possible in a way to troubleshoot it.

HP Printer Error Code 79: 

HP Printer Error Code 79 specifies that either your print job is corrupt or the HP printer firmware is outdated. If you encounter this problem then you should not lose hope as you can easily remove this error code. You are advised to update the HP printer’s firmware to the latest version and then restart both your computer and printer. It will eradicate this error code and you will be able to print your documents.

HP Printer Error Code 30:

Commonly speaking, the HP printer error code 30 specifies that your HP printer isn’t activated even though it is very well-connected to both the wall plug and the computer. This error code occurs due to problem with your drivers, and it is advisable to install the upgraded version of HP printer driver. You have to simply go to your Control Panel and then find your HP printer, and then make it uninstall. Now, you should search for any HP drivers if installed any on your PC and then remove them as well. Subsequently, you are supposed to disconnect your HP printer from the computer and connect it again, then you should go to HP’s official web page, and find your printer model that you are having and then download the full driver suite for it.

HP Printer Error Code 0x6100004a: 

HP Printer Error Code 0x6100004a occurs because of issues such jamming of paper, low ink cartridge or failure of your HP printer. To get rid of this error code, you are advised to remove all papers that are stuck inside the printer and then load a new one suitably to see if the error has been resolved or not. If this error code persists during print job, then you should turn off your HP printer, remove the ink cartridges, and then turn it back on and perform a hard reset. Subsequently, you are supposed to install the ink cartridges and then print a test page. This effective troubleshooting guide will be beneficial in repairing your HP printer and will help you to print documents in the most appropriate way.

HP Printer Text Error Messages A-Z: 

The text error codes can be easily decoded and rectified them as the entire issue is appropriately mentioned onto the HP printer display screen. In many cases, the text error messages received by users regarding their HP printer gives them clearance about its solutions in rectifying the error effortlessly.

We hope and wish that the above-mentioned HP Printer Error Codes with its specific solutions will help readers in understanding and resolving the problem in a better way. Furthermore, for any other technical support, you are advised to contact our tech-specialists through provided helpline number.

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