A Quick Technical Guide to resolve HP Support Assistant Issues

A Quick Technical Guide to resolve HP Support Assistant Issues

Whenever you update the Windows, you are likely to face the issue of HP Support Assistant Not Working. Nevertheless, you should not fear this issue as we are here to provide substantial support in fixing it, and that too without any technical knowledge.

There are many ways to fix the issue of HP Support Assistant Not Working. We will be discussing it in detail. It will surely help you in understanding this problem in a better way and will help you in fixing it on your own. Before proceeding further with any other method, we recommend you in trying out Restore PC Repair Tool and then run a scan on your complete system. Once it is successfully done, you are supposed to take an action to repair and fix this problem. If this problem still persists then you are advised to follow the below-mentioned methods.

Methods to fix HP Support Assistant not working problem Issue

Method 1- Reinstalling HP Support Assistant 

If your present HP Support Assistant has stopped working, then you are supposed to resolve it by downloading the latest version available. Nonetheless, this does not imply that you have to remove the existing version.

Once you have downloaded it successfully, you should run the file and click on ‘Yes’ to confirm and complete the installation procedure. Thereafter, you are supposed to restart your system and see if HP Support Assistant is working again. If the issue of HP Support Assistant Not Working still persists then you should try other below-mentioned methods.

Method 2- Uninstalling the App 

If Method 1 fails to work then you can uninstall HP Support Assistant and then reinstall it. You should follow these steps.

  • First of all, you should press the Windows key and ‘R’ simultaneously
  • Now, you should type ‘control’ and then click on ‘ok’
  • Whenever the control panel pops up, you should go to ‘Programs’ and then choose ‘Programs and Features’
  • From the given list of installed apps, you are supposed to find and select HP Support Assistant
  • Now, you have to uninstall it by following the instructions that are displayed on the screen
  • Next, after the completion of the installation, you should close the window of the Control Panel
  • Thereafter, you should navigate to File Explorer and search for C:\Program Files (X86)\Hewlett Packard\
  • Subsequently, you will be finding the HP Support Framework folder which you are required to delete
  • Now, you are advised to download the HP Support Assistant installer file and then see if it is in a working state or not
  • Finally, you should launch it and then check for the latest updates if there are any.
  • You should wait patiently till the updates get downloaded and then you should restart your system to see whether you have successfully fixed the HP Support Assistant not working issue or not.

Method 3- Disabling the antivirus software 

Generally speaking, many times, antivirus software does not allow the HP Support Assistant to function after an update. So, you are supposed to disable it for some time and then try to use it to see if the issue of HP Support Assistant not working was caused by the antivirus or not.

Method 4- Updating the drivers manually 

If you are working with outdated mechanisms on your laptop/desktop, then you are supposed to update the latest version from the official website of the manufacturer.

You are advised to navigate to the HP Care product page and then enter the details of your HP Laptop for which you would like to get the updates.

Thereafter, you should go through the list of available updates and you can install them step by step.

In case, if you come across an update for HP Support Assistant then you are advised to download and then install it.

In addition, you should also download the drivers and then restart your device for the changes to show up. If the issue of HP Support Assistant not working is still not resolved then you should contact HP Support and their tech experts will help you in fixing it. You can also contact them for resolving any other issues. 

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