What are the simple steps for Lexmark Printer Setup?

Lexmark Printers are popular worldwide for their high-end technology, price-efficient technique, eco-friendly printing, and easy-to-handle usage. These printers are delivering excellent imaging solutions which are admired by their consumers. To enjoy the maximum benefits of Lexmark printers, we are providing you with all the relevant information about the Lexmark Printer Setup. Wewill now be discussing the setup and installation of Lexmark printers. There are two ways to download the installation software- through CD, which is provided with the printer, and downloaded software from the printer’s official website.

Steps for Lexmark Printer Setup with the given CD for the printer

  1. Firstly, you should close all running applications before inserting the printing software CD within the drive.
  2. Now, you should insert the CD within the CD drive and let it play when the Lexmark icon appears on your desktop.
  3. Next, you should double-click the Lexmark icon which begins the method of installation.
  4. Thereafter, you will be prompted to “install” the printer or “help installer” icon
  5. Now, you should click on the “install” option after which you are supposed to finish the authentication notice
  6.  Next, you should click on “Ok” which will take you to the introduction page.
  7. Now, you have to go to click through numerous “Read Me” files and then click on “continue” which takes you to the License Agreement Screen.
  8. Next, you should choose a language suitable to you and then click on “Agree”.
  9. Finally, you are supposed to click “Continue” and then choose the specified location to put in your software then click “Continue”.
  10. Now, you should click on “Install”
  11. Next, you should set your region and then click on “Continue” and then click on “Finish” which is the last step of installation.
  12. To conclude, you should click “close” to shut the installer.

Steps for Lexmark Printer Setup without the given CD for the printer

  1. If you don’t have the CD, then you should first switch on your computer and then your Lexmark printer.
  2. Now, you should connect them to the available network or Wi-Fi
  3. Next, you should click on “Start” and then reach the control panel.
  4. You will notice multiple options, and from these options, you should choose the option for “Add a new Device” to ensure that your printer is on and reachable.
  5. It successfully completes the successful setup and installation of your Lexmark Printer.


We have provided simple and user-friendly methods for the Lexmark Printer Setup. If you encounter any type of complication or issues then you can contact our technical support team. Our proficiently trained engineers can provide you with the best solutions in a quick time.

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