epson printer service required error?

How to Repair Epson Printer Service Required Error?

Epson, a well-known corporation, manufactures high-quality scanning and printing equipment. Furthermore, Epson printers display a “Service required” notice on occasion, preventing consumers from printing additional pages. Here, we’ll provide the necessary guidance for correcting this error.

Message of Error: Required Service

The sensors in your printer’s ink cartridges indicate whether your cartridges need to be replaced or completely cleaned, which is why the Epson Printer Service Required Error appears. This error notice and the red blinking light on your Epson printer are linked.

We’ll now go over how to resolve the seemingly complicated problem with your Epson Printer Service Required Error message.

How to Resolve the “Service Required” Error

Step 1: Starty by Installing the Epson adjustment program for your Epson printer. Also included is a list of Epson Adjustment Program.

Step 2: After opening the Epson Resetter file you submitted, run Adprog.exe.

Step 3: In the Adjustment Program, select “Select.”

Step 4: Now select “Specific adjustment mode.”

Step 5: After selecting “Waste Ink Pad Counter,” click “OK.”

Step 6: Select the “Main pad counter” checkbox. Then click “Check.”

Step 7: This screen displays the quantity of printouts you’ve retrieved from your printer. Furthermore, it will show 100% fullness. This is what generated the ‘Service required’ error you were seeing. We would then explain how to resolve the problem.

Step 8: Check the box next to “Main pad counter” once more and press “Initialize.”

Step 9: In this pop-up box, click “OK.”

Step 10: The next pop-up box will ask you to switch off the printer. Once your printer has been turned off, click “OK.”

Step 11: The following pop-up box will ask you to restart your printer. Once your printer has resumed, click “OK.”

Step 12: Check the box next to “Main pad counter” one more, then click “Check.”

Step 13: On this screen, both “point” and “percent” should be set to “0.” This means that the issue has been resolved.

Step 14: Finally, press the “Finish” button to close any Epson Adjustment Program-related windows.

So there you have it. Because the Epson Service required error has been resolved, you can now print from your printer as usual.

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