How to resolve the troublesome issue of the Epson Printer Offline?

How to resolve the troublesome issue of the Epson Printer Offline?

Epson Printer Offline has been one of the most troublesome technical glitches that have hampered the workflow and progress of every user. Irrespective of the Windows version you are working on, this technical error has made its impact. Therefore, you are always recommended to update the Windows to the latest version to limit the chances of errors like Epson Printer Offline.

We will discuss the comprehensive troubleshooting guide to fix this issue along with the major reasons behind it.

We will first discuss the main reasons that cause the Epson Printer Offline problem. 

Major Reasons behind the Epson Printer Offline error

The major and significant causes behind the Epson Printer Offline errorare below-listed: –

  1. The Biggest reason is loose connections
  2. Tattered and Worn-out connections
  3. Epson printer has not been chosen as a default printer
  4. Epson printer has been set at Use Printer Offline
  5. Failed and Pending Print Jobs in print Queues
  6. Outdated Printer Driver
  7. Due to dynamic IP address or Unexpectedly changed IP address

Steps to troubleshoot the Epson printer offline issue

After diagnosing the exact reasons behind the Epson printer offline issue, we will now discuss the effective steps to troubleshoot it.

Step 1. Reconnecting Epson printer cables

As discussed above, the biggest reason for the Epson printer offline issue are poorly connected printer cables and insufficient electrical supplies. For fixing this problem, you are supposed to reconnect the cables back to the slots. In addition, you can also restart your Epson printer, computer, and router to get your offline Epson printer back online.

Step 2. Effective Troubleshooting steps for Epson wireless printers

  1. Firstly, you are supposed to keep the router, printer, and computer close to each other.
  2. Now, you should remove all the solid obstacles from the network connection area.
  3. Next, you should ensure to connect the Epson printer and computer to the same wireless network.
  4. Finally, you should accurately enter the correct network name (SSID) and password for a quick connection.

 Step 3. Deactivating the Use Printer Offline feature

  1. First of all, you should open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows + R keys.
  2. Now, you should type Control Panel and hit Enter.
  3. Once the control panel window opens, you should set the View By category to Large Icons and choose Devices and Printers.
  4. Subsequently, you will be viewing the list of devices, and then you should right-click on your Epson printer and select See what’s printing.
  5. Next, a new Windows will open, and then you should click the Printer tab, and unmark the Use Printer Offline option.
  6. Once again, you should click the Printer tab and then click Set as default printer.
  7. Finally, you are supposed to close all windows and then restart your Epson printer

Step 4. Cancelling the pending print jobs

  1. Firstly, you should go to the Control Panel on your computer.
  2. Now, you should locate your Epson printer, and then right-click over it.
  3. Next, you should click See what’s printing.
  4. Finally, you should click the Printer tab and then click over Cancel all documents.

 After cancelling all the print jobs, you will be able to remove all the failed printing commands. It will help you in making your Epson printer go online.

Step 5. Updating the Epson printer driver

For dealing with bugs and issues, Epson keeps releasing the latest drivers for their printer products. The users should always ensure to update their printer drivers to the latest version to bring back their offline Epson printer online.

For updating the Epson printer driver, you are supposed to follow the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. Firstly, you should ensure to connect your Epson printer and computer to the network.
  2. Now, you should open the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows +R keys on the keyboard.
  3. Next, you should type Control Panel
  4. Thereafter, you should find your Epson printer on the list and then right-click over the printer and click Update drivers.
  5. Finally, you should wait patiently for a few minutes until your Epson printer connects to the server and finishes the process of updating the drivers.

Step 6. Reinstalling your Epson printer

  1. To begin with, you should search for Printers and Scanners on your computer.
  2. You should now locate your Epson printer, and then right-click over it.
  3. Next, you should choose Remove Device from the drop-down list.
  4. After the Epson printer device is removed, you are supposed to visit the official website of Epson printers.
  5. Thereafter, you should download and install the latest Epson printer drivers from the Epson support website.
  6. The reinstalling of the Epson printer will refresh it and get your Epson printer back online.

After performing the above-mentioned steps, you can bring your Epson printer back online. If the problem still persists then you have to reinstall the Epson printer again after removing all the printer drivers and packages.

 Step 7. Uninstalling the complete Epson printer driver package

  1. Firstly, you should ensure to log in to your PC with complete admin rights.
  2. Next, you should click the Start icon and then go to the All Programs option.
  3. Thereafter, you should choose Accessories from the list and then select Command Prompt.
  4. Subsequently, the black screen will be appearing, and then copy print /s/ t2 and paste in the command prompt to open the Print Properties window.
  5. Now, in the new window, you should select the Epson Driver and Package and then remove it from your computer.
  6. Next, you should click Add a Printer option.
  7. To conclude, you are advised to follow the on-screen instructions to install the Epson printer.


 We have offered beneficial troubleshooting guides that will help all users in fixing the issue of the Epson Printer Offline. If you still require any additional information or assistance then you can contact our technical support team. We assure you that our capable and experienced technicians will help you in getting back your Epson printer online. 

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