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Samsung Printer Offline: Why does my Samsung printer offline? Call at +1 (214) 308-0263

Samsung Printer Offline: Why is my Samsung printer saying offline? If your Samsung printer is offline? Call at +1 (214) 308-0263 for instant support Samsung Printer issues.

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Samsung Printer Offline

The technical issues of Samsung Printer Offline can be very annoying. This unpredictable and undesired issue occurs when there is a lack of communication between your PC and Samsung printer. There are many reasons behind it but this issue can be resolved easily. You should try using a USB cable of fewer than 6 feet for better connectivity. If your Samsung printer is connected to USB then you should check the printer’s connectivity. Do make sure that the USB cable is properly inserted into both devices’ ports. If it still shows offline status then you can change your USB cable. You are supposed to select Samsung printer in Windows placed at the top bar left. Now, you should uncheck the box “Printer Offline” option it will resolve the issue. If you are working with an outdated printer driver then you should uninstall it and install the latest printer driver. Samsung Printer Drivers help in connecting your system to the printer. So, if they are incompatible or outdated then you might face the issue of Samsung Printer Offline. The performance of high-speed internet matters the most. You should confirm that your Samsung printer is linked to the same internet connection as your PC. Paper Jams are also a major reason and so it’s always better to clean the paper rollers. You should check the status of your Samsung printer and then click on “Set as Default Printer”. If there are any pending printing jobs then you should remove them. You should disable antivirus software as it occasionally causes printing issues. You can also resolve the issue of Samsung Printer Offline on Mac devices in easy steps. If you need any technical help then you can contact our technical support team.

When you have a lot of duties to complete, it can be frustrating if your Samsung printer has offline problems. You don’t need to be concerned since we are here to assist you by offering a variety of strategies you can use to take your Samsung printer offline. Here is a list of them:

. Verify the internet connection first

You may occasionally get this offline status due to a poor internet connection. Make sure the Samsung printer is linked to the same internet connection as the laptop or desktop and is operational.

  1. Check for paper jams 

It is best to clean the paper rollers because they will display an offline status if the paper is trapped in them. Remove the paper rollers from your Samsung printer and unplug it from the main power supply. Wait for them to dry after giving them a thorough cleaning with a damp cloth. Put them back in the printer after they’ve dried off and attempt a test print.

  1. Check the status of the printing 

Open the settings, select “Devices,” then click “Devices and printers” to view the printing status. From the drop-down menu, pick “see what’s printing” if it has a gray check mark next to it. Try printing a document after clicking the “set as default printer” button.

  1. Remove printing jobs

The Samsung printer offline issue can also be fixed by deleting printing tasks. To check what’s printed, right-click on the icon for the Samsung printer. After that, you must cancel every document. You should open as an administrator, input the password, cancel all papers, and then try to print if this option is grayed out.


To resolve the “Samsung wireless printer offline” problem, follow these steps:

  1. Check Network Connection: Ensure that your Samsung wireless printer is properly connected to the Wi-Fi network. Verify that it’s within the range of your router and that the network name and password are correctly entered on the printer.
  2. Printer Restart: Turn off your Samsung printer and unplug it from the power source. Wait for a minute, then plug it back in and power it on. This simple restart can often resolve connectivity issues.
  3. Check for Hardware Issues: Inspect the printer for any hardware problems like paper jams or low ink/toner levels. Address any issues, if found.
  4. Update Printer Firmware: Visit the Samsung website to check if there are any firmware updates available for your printer model. Download and install the latest firmware to ensure optimal performance.
  5. Driver Update: Ensure that you have the most up-to-date printer driver installed on your computer. Visit the Samsung website or use the provided software to download and install the latest driver.
  6. Set as Default Printer: Go to your computer’s settings and make sure that your Samsung wireless printer is set as the default printer.
  7. Printer Troubleshooter: Use your computer’s built-in printer troubleshooter to identify and fix common printer issues. This tool can help diagnose and resolve the problem.
  8. Router Restart: Sometimes, router issues can cause printer offline problems. Restart your wireless router to refresh the network connection.
  9. Check Firewall and Security Software: Ensure that your firewall or security software isn’t blocking the printer’s connection. Temporarily disable such software for troubleshooting, but remember to enable it afterward.
  10. Reconnect the Printer: Remove your Samsung printer from your computer’s list of devices and printers, then add it back. This can help re-establish the connection.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the offline issue with your Samsung wireless printer and enjoy uninterrupted printing.

When using a shared network or having antivirus software installed, you may experience Samsung wireless printer offline troubles on Windows. Follow the procedures listed below to fix it, but first, confirm that your system and the Samsung printer are connected to the same network. Alternating the static address is another option.

  1.  Resolve the shared network issue to bring the Samsung printer online.

The first stage of the wizard is to add the printer. Select the Samsung printer that will be configured in the wizard by typing its name into the bottom left box.

Select the printer that is linked to the other printer, then click next. Connect to the printer in the following box and enter the name. You might also try adding a local printer and then check to see if the problem has been fixed or not.

  1. Set a static address 

Open the control panel and select “Printers and devices” to set a static address. Click manage after selecting the offline Samsung printer. It will then display its IP address when you enter the properties and choose “ports.”

Please enter the username and password in the printer settings after opening them. Go to network or connectivity after the page has loaded, and then change automatic to static or manual.

If your IP address is not displayed, enter it yourself, but be sure it is identical to the one that was entered initially. Save it, type the router’s IP address, and then press “enter.” If an IP address is not displayed, go to the device manager and set one before attempting to print.

  1. Disable antivirus 

It is preferable to temporarily disable the antivirus software because it occasionally causes printing issues. Look for the antivirus under the Control Panel. To disable it, right-click on it and follow the on-screen directions.


You can attempt these fixes if your Samsung printer keeps going down. You should check to see if the printer is powered on or not. Additionally, you can check to see if the USB cable is correctly inserted into both ports. If the issue continues, you ought to get a new USB cable.

The printer may occasionally be turned to offline, which will display this problem. Open the control panel, go to “Devices and printers,” and right-click the Samsung printer to get rid of it. Uncheck the box next to “Printer offline” after selecting it. By going to the official website, you may also try to reinstall the drivers or download the most recent version of the drivers. The problems with Samsung printers can be resolved by following these simple procedures.


It is not a huge concern if your Samsung m2020 printer is offline due to wifi connectivity because it can be fixed in a few easy steps. To solve this problem, adhere to the advice given below:

Locate the network adapter option in the device management by clicking the start button, then look for any yellow marks there.

If the wireless adapter has a yellow mark, right-click on it and choose “Uninstall.”

Download and install the latest iteration of the Samsung printer-compatible wireless adapter driver. For More Go to the official website to get it.

Restarting your laptop should take care of any minor troubles.


You can resolve the Samsung printer offline-MAC issue in two easy steps if printing is complex for you. These are:

Step 1:Make sure the printer is ready by turning on the power, loading the sheets into the tray, and checking the ink levels. After connecting the printer to the system, try printing a sample file. 

Step 2:Reset the system to fix the errors, and reset the printer. Open the printer’s window and select “reset the printing system,” for which you will need to log in using your admin username and password. Add the printer, and try to print. This will help you fix your Samsung printer offline-MAC in no time. Open the Apple menu and navigate to “System preferences.” Next, go to print and fax.


  • The printer’s drivers are the system’s connection to the printer; if they are outdated or not compatible, you will likely encounter issues. Follow the steps below to update the drivers and get rid of the Samsung printer that keeps going offline:
  • Go to the control panel on your laptop and select “Hardware and Sound.”
  • Go to Windows and look for the device manager tab. 
  • Click on it to see all the hardware devices connected to your laptop. You need the most recent driver if the app has a yellow mark. 
  • Click on the app with the yellow mark and select “update driver software.” 
  • This will take you to the manufacturer’s official website, where you can download the most recent version. 
  • Once that is done, extract the file by clicking twice on it; the problem would be resolved.